Your baby’s sleep quality is good, which can not only promote growth and development but also for the parents, it will be relatively easy to take care of your baby. In this issue, we will introduce 6 tips to help your baby sleep more and more safely.

Changes in the social environment, modern society is no longer the same as the rural society in the past to do the sunset, and the sound and light stimulation of the baby in daily life is also increasing, so sleep is also indirectly affected, but if the baby cannot sleep well, it will affect its growth and development. The doctor said that 8: 00 ~ 12: 00 is the secretion time of growth hormone if you let your baby sleep at 8: 00 ~ 9: 00 at night, the growth and appetite will be better. Conversely, if a baby doesn’t sleep well, it will also affect his personality, emotions, and personality development. He is prone to anxiety, irritability, and insecurity when he grows up. Therefore, especially for babies under 1 year of age, we cannot ignore the effects of sleep on development.

Why do babies sleep? The interaction of 7 factors!

  1. Environment

Because the current living environment is noisy, whether it is the sound of traffic outside, or parents watching TV or computer in the evening, it will affect the baby ’s sleep. Especially in many small families, it is easier to sleep in the same room as the baby. Wake the baby.

2. Daily life

Parents often cannot work with their babies. For example, if there are leisure activities in the evening, or if relatives and friends visit, the baby’s sleep will be disturbed.

3. The nature is so angry

There is a big difference in the natural qualities of each baby. Some babies are easy to fall asleep. Even the loudest sound will not interfere with sleep, but some babies are very sensitive and easily wake up and cry at night. These babies feel safe about the environment. There is also a heavy dependence on parents, so sleep quality will be poor.

4. Hunger

The baby needs to get up to drink milk about 1 ~ 2 hours before 3 months, and about 3 ~ 4 hours 6 months ago. In this case, the baby will automatically wake up because of hunger and sleep will be interrupted.

5. Don’t drink milk seriously

Sometimes babies sleep at night while eating milk, and they eat very little. If the mother is breastfeeding, the baby may use breastfeeding as a pacifier habit, so it ’s easy to eat without care The child was hungry again, which affected sleep.

6. Defecation habits

Some babies are used to pooping at night, or they wake up because they feel uncomfortable with diapers.

7. Impact of the disease

The doctor said that if the baby suddenly fails to sleep well, it may be because of a cold or nasal congestion that he can’t breathe, or he has just taken a vaccination, and can’t sleep well because of a sore wound.

Safe Sleep 6 Tips

  1. Quiet and comfortable separate space

In order to give your baby a better sleeping space, Dr. Pan Junshen suggested that if there is enough space in the home, it is best to let your baby have a separate room to sleep and try not to share the room with your baby to create a warm, comfortable and quiet room.

2. Keep quiet

Try to keep quiet with your baby at night, and try not to chat loudly and reduce TV sound.

3. Control the lights

You can let the baby turn off the lights to sleep. If parents are worried, you can turn on a night light. Experts say that the baby will secrete more melatonin after about 3 ~ 4 months of age. It is easy to sleep well.

4. Bathe before bed

The best time to help your baby take a bath is 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. It can help relax the muscles. During the bath, you can interact with your baby’s limbs, massage his hands and feet a little, and wipe him after the shower. The lotion helps sleep.

5. Adjust the temperature

The baby’s metabolism gradually increases in 2 to 3 months, or it is easy to be afraid of heat when breastfeeding. If the sleeping space is stuffy, it is easy to sleep well, so parents can turn on moderate air conditioning, which is controlled between about 24 to 26 ° C. If you are afraid of your baby catching a cold, you can cover it with a small quilt or wear thin long sleeves. Dr. Pan Junshen reminds us that each baby’s constitution is different, so the suitable temperature varies from person to person. The baby’s hands and feet are not cold.

6. Gentle music

You can put a soft serenade, nursery rhymes with your baby to sleep, or even dad can sing to your baby than mommy, it also has a soothing effect!


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