It rained outside, and the little hedgehog at home was bored. He thought of an idea: pretend to be sick and try who my real friend is. The little hedgehog was lying on the bed, covering his quilt and humming, “Oh, I must be ill. I feel so sick!”

The little tit first knew that the little hedgehog was ill. Soon the news spread all over the forest. The first one came to see the little hedgehog, holding a big pine nut. The big bear also carried a bag of berries and went to the little hedgehog’s house. On the way, he met a bad fox. The small animals on land brought a lot of things.

The little rabbit used these things to boil a big pot of juice for the little hedgehog, and the fragrance drifted in the forest. When the fox heard that the little hedgehog was ill at the big bear, he had a bad idea. He thought to himself, “I pretend to be a doctor to see the little hedgehog, and then take the opportunity to eat it.”. Come to the hedgehog’s house, the fox says, “you put your belly up, I’ll see you!”

Seeing that it was a bad fox, the hedgehog pretended to be weak and said, “no, I don’t have the strength to turn over.” The fox had no choice but to wait. When he saw a glass of juice on the table, he drank it, but soon the Fox began to burp. He was afraid to say: “little hedgehog, please help me.” Looking at the fox, the hedgehog said, “now I know who my real friend is.”


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