Many mothers will find that after their baby is born, they often wake up somehow for about 30-40 minutes during the day. This means that I used to sleep for a long time before I could sleep for a long time. Now I feel that I don’t want to sleep, I can only hold it to sleep, I don’t sleep long, I don’t sleep well, and I wake up as soon as I get out of bed. What happened?

In fact, the sleeping pattern of newborns is different from that of adults. After falling asleep, newborns immediately enter an “active sleep” state. This active sleep lasts about 25 minutes and then enters a deeper sleep state, also known as “quiet sleep”. Quiet sleep is characterized by slow and rhythmic breathing, no movement, and no eyelid tremors. Babies in a quiet sleep state are less likely to wake up. After about 25 minutes, the sleep cycle ends and the newborn either wakes up or begins another active sleep phase that lasts 25 minutes.

So how to make a baby with shallow sleep fall asleep?
Then today, Dad Luo also shared with you, the baby wakes up as soon as he puts out the bed, don’t just know how to sleep, 5 tips to help the baby fall asleep, Bao Ma learned useful!

1. When the baby within three months begins to sleep, it enters a light sleep period, so it is easy to wake up if you put it down too early.

If you can’t put it down when you hold it, it ’s easy to wake up, you can try to hold it for a long time, for example, hold it for 20 minutes, and observe that the child has entered deep sleep (such as eyes no longer turn quickly, hands and feet relaxed, an expression is quiet) and then put down.

The way to put down is also very important. Generally, when we sleep, we may shake gently while walking, humming the sleep song, then we stop the same when we stop, do not stop directly, because most of the children will wake up when the environment changes. Come. For example, we can stop shaking, and then leave. Put the ass first and then put the head down. Then the mother still uses her body next to the child and continues to hum. When the child falls asleep, try to slowly pull out his arms and still hum, until the mother Leaves completely.

2. After 6 months, if the baby still sleeps very lightly, then there may be calcium deficiency, then calcium supplementation is needed, but the general breastfeeding baby will not be deficient in calcium, and you need to check with your doctor to confirm the calcium deficiency.

It has a great impact on the baby. It not only affects growth and development but also may cause some diseases and affect the baby’s sleep quality. Therefore, when the baby appears to be easily awake, pay attention to proper calcium supplementation and add some calcium supplementary foods to ensure that the baby’s health and sleep quality.

3. Observe the baby’s sleeping state carefully.

Occasionally, the eyes open and humming sounds, but they don’t wake up, but they are actually sleeping lightly. Don’t treat this state as awake, and interfere too much to disturb your baby’s sleep. If there are one or two crying sounds, you can tap the baby. If the baby continues to fall asleep, ignore it. If the baby cries loudly at this time, it is estimated that the baby is hungry or has a bowel movement.

4. 1-4 month-old babies can be burdened during sleep, which helps the baby to form a feeling of wrapping, simulates the uterine environment to give the baby a sense of peace and familiarity, makes it easier for the baby to sleep longer and deeper, and reduces crying during soothing.

But please note that you cannot use it 3 times a day, don’t try to save trouble, otherwise, it may affect the baby’s muscle training and the development of large sports in the future.

5. Give your baby a comfortable bath before going to bed, and touch the baby.

Massage gently to create a reasonable bedroom environment for the baby. The ventilation should be good, the temperature should be suitable, preferably around 20 degrees, and the light should be dark. Sleep with the lights on and the pillows and bedding should be comfortable so that your baby can sleep comfortably.

When there is a problem with the child’s sleep, mothers should not be alarmed. They should combine the development of the child’s various physiological stages to find the reason to effectively solve the problem.

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