Soothing sleep:
The 0~1-year-old stage is the most critical time for babies to establish their sleep habits, and it’s up to mom and dad to help them establish their sleep habits after birth to grow up healthy and in a stable lifestyle!

Establishing sleep habits:

In the beginning, your newborn baby will be sleeping and waking up without much crying, and most of the time, he or she will eat and sleep with no fixed routine, maybe every 1~2 hours, or sleep while eating.

From birth, mum and dad can establish a day-night routine for their baby. They can use bright and dim lights to help them differentiate between waking and sleeping environments, keeping them bright during the day and turning off the house lights at night, keeping a small night light so that they don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

The secret to helping your baby fall asleep naturally and sleep until dawn is to understand your baby’s natural temperament and sleep characteristics, usually from the third or fourth week of life, to see which type of sleeping you prefer. Sometimes the baby may wake up crying before falling asleep, so it is recommended not to pick up the baby immediately.

TIPS: It’s breastfeeding time, need to wake up?

Does your baby need to be woken up when it’s feeding time? For babies before 3 months of age, since their main nutrition is breast milk or formula, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular rationing of milk, even if they are asleep, to wake them up and let them drink and burp; after 3 months of age, it is possible to extend the time, or gradually postpone the night milk, but everything is still based on the needs of the baby, and the feeding time will be adjusted according to the circumstances.

1. The importance of baby sleep
After the birth of a newborn, often in a state of sleep, the so-called “one sleep is one inch bigger”, sleep in the infant and toddler stage of the highest proportion of sleep, but also a healthy growth of the baby must go through the process. When a baby is asleep, the brain produces “growth hormone”, which is the key to growth and development. Before a child is old enough, he or she actually spends most of the day sleeping except for drinking milk. In general, babies between 0 and 1 year old need more than 13 hours of sleep a day for growth and development.
2. Sleeping on your back is the safest sleeping position
Many parents in order to give their children a beautiful head shape, face shape, think that the baby should be lying down to sleep, but the American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that sleeping on your back can reduce the probability of sudden infant death, and when sleeping on your back with symptoms of discomfort, parents can also immediately observe the baby condition. When sleeping on your back, your baby’s whole body muscles are relaxed, so it is not easy to press on the heart, lungs, and stomach, and the respiratory tract can be kept open so that the mouth and nose will not be covered by foreign objects and cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, mom and dad should be careful to keep their baby on his back while he is sleeping to reduce the risk.


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